Catering in Tucson

Think back to your last party. It was probably a great time with amazing friends. But did you get to finish a drink? Did you even get to eat? How stressed were you making sure everything was setup before they got there? Were you stuck in the kitchen the whole time before? And after everyone left, did you stay up late and clean? Chef Chic can take care of all of that for you, making you a guest at your own party!

Not only can Chef Wendy be your Tucson personal chef, she is also your best choice for Tucson catering! Do you have a wedding, family reunion, or celebration coming up that deserves some truly crowd-pleasing food? Chef Wendy has multiple menus available that fit the theme of any party or celebration, including: southwestern, Asian, Italian, BBQ, breakfasts, lunches, gourmet, hors d’ oeuvres, and many, many more. Her ability is as diverse as your imagination. She can even make a truly memorable holiday dinner for you and your family. Contact Chef Wendy for a free consultation.

Feel free to check out the Tucson catering menus below.

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