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In Home Cooking Classes in Tucson

Chef Chic is excited to announce that you can learn to cook with Chef Wendy with her in home cooking classes in Tucson!

We offer a variety of in home cooking classes for you to enhance your culinary skills to be able create the amazing dishes like Chef Wendy!

  • Learn Knife Skills
  • Take Home Recipes
  • Enjoy a full dinner with your fellow classmates

Do you want to eat less meat but are not sure what to make? Come learn how to make a tofu vegetable strudel, roasted red pepper soup, corn quinoa casserole, veggie burgers

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Come learn how to make a healthy fast grilled meals. We will be making grilled salmon, Fresh grape BBQ sauced chicken, grilled vegetables and grilled fruit.

Do you want to learn how to make some of your favorite dishes without the gluten? Come learn how to make chicken pot pie, red velvet cupcakes, greek meatballs, and turkey bacon roulade.

Do you want to learn how to hold a knife? How to chop an onion the correct way? What staple foods you should always have on hand? How to make a quick and easy dinner from the items in your pantry? Then this is the class for you!

Have an idea you do not see? Let us know and we will plan the class for you.

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