Convenience and food that makes you say “WOW!” You get to come home to a freezer and fridge full of food to make your day easier!

As your certified Tucson personal chef, I meet with you:

 Go through a food questionnaire to find out your likes and dislikes.

 Plan a menu designed to fit exactly what you want and need for your approval

No matter the dietary needs we can take care of you!

I then go and do all the grocery shopping, cooking and deliver all your meals right to your door ready to go in the freezer so you can heat them when you want to.

I have over 600 recipes using fresh ingredients so unless you request an item I will not repeat it for 4 months.

Our packages can be geared to what you want:


Weight watchers

Comfort food

Meals for the whole family

Special diets

Gluten free



Whole grains

And many more….!

What if one of the meals does not fit my tastes?
Chef Chic guarantees all meals. If any meal does not meet your tastes, Chef Chic will replace it at no additional charge.

Do you cook the food and deliver it to me frozen?
Chef Chic cooks the food in a commercial kitchen, packages it up and delivers it right to your door to put it in your freezer.

Can I afford a personal chef?
The truth is most people can’t afford not to have one. With obesity, diabetes and heart disease on the rise, we know we need to eat better. With two-income families, single parent families, long commutes, extra curricular activities, business travel and more we often settle for quick unhealthy alternatives. We can help you watch your waist and your pocketbook.

How much does the service cost?

Our packages are all customized to fit your needs and to help you so call today for a free, no obligation quote

Have a question that’s not answered here? Contact me today with your question .

“Thank you for the spectacular food! I’m not the easiest person to cook for but you found a way to make truly wonderful meals for me to eat. I’ve loved everything you’ve cooked! Every time I eat a “Wendy dinner” I notice how much care and quality you put into the food, plus how creative you are. You are a magician in the kitchen and I am happy to sing your praises!” – Kendall SummerHawk