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The Best Gluten Free Pizza Crusts (You Haven’t Tried Yet)

July 17, 2017

Pizza is one of the few foods that has the ability to spur heated discussions and late-night debates. New York style vs. Chicago style. Thin crust vs. thick crust. Regular vs. Sicilian. Plain vs. toppings.

And just when you thought you had your preferences nailed down, a new style stepped onto the scene. The latest pizza trend is all about alternative crusts. Made with gluten free flour or a veggie base, they’re healthier versions of everyone’s favorite dish.

While you may think “healthy” and “pizza” just don’t go together; I can assure you that chefs have come a long way in improving the quality of the gluten free pizza crust. Whether you’re on a restricted diet or love trying new things, these crusts will make a believer out of you!

5 Tempting Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

  1. Cauliflower: Made with grated cauliflower, the crust is thin and crispy when baked to golden perfection.
  2. Zucchini: Shredded zucchini combines with fresh herbs to create a low-carb crust that yields a flavorful pizza.
  3. Chickpea Flour: Pizza with chickpeas? Yes! This variation derives from Italy. Known as socca, these are often made in a cast-iron skillet and enjoyed as flatbread or pizza crust.
  4. Polenta: Made with ground cornmeal, polenta can be served as porridge or formed into dough. And when you have dough, you have pizza crust!
  5. Paleo Dough: If you’re looking for traditional dough you can roll out, replace regular flour with a grain-free alternative like almond flour or a mix of tapioca and coconut flour. It’ll still be gluten free, and you might not even taste the difference!

If you’re a pizza fan (like me) don’t be afraid to think outside of the takeout box. Experiment with a gluten free pizza crust. While you’re at it, play with innovative toppings like bluefoot mushrooms, slices of prosciutto, basil pesto and feta cheese.

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