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Must-Haves for Beginning Home Cooks

June 30, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-122472679If you are new to the world of home cooking and you want to set up your kitchen to be prepared to tackle any recipe, there are some staple pieces of equipment that you will want to invest in. Setting up your kitchen does not have to break your budget, but it is important to know which items are essential and which tools you can live without. You may not need a fancy stand mixer, but you will want to have the following tools and supplies on-hand as you increase your proficiency in the kitchen.


Measuring accurately is critical to baking success, so you will want to have measuring cups and spoons along with a liquid measuring cup in your kitchen. A set of nesting mixing bowls, a commercial grade sheet pan, and a 9X13” baking dish are also great additions for the beginning baker.

Stovetop Cookware

If you are only purchasing one pan for the whole kitchen, you should select a deep sauté pan with a lid, since this will be the most versatile piece of stovetop cookware you own. A large pot for boiling water and a nonstick frying pan will be great choices if you are looking to purchase a more complete set of cookware.



Aside from tongs, it is best to opt for silicon and wood for most of your kitchen utensils, since these materials won’t scratch your pans, and they are designed to last. No kitchen should be without basic stirring utensils, including a whisk, wooden spoon, and spatula.


Forget about multi-piece knife sets, and instead invest in just two knives to cut, chop, mince, peel, and slice with success every time. Spending a little more on a great chef’s knife and a razor sharp paring knife will give you a much better performance than any 8-piece knife set in an affordable price range.

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Catering a Breakfast at Your Office

June 17, 2016

Managers meeting on breakfast

If you are seeking a fantastic way to boost employee morale and provide your workers with an extra treat, you may want to consider catering a breakfast at your office. With the help of an established catering company in your area, you will be able to provide your employees with a breakfast that is delicious, healthy, and satisfying. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic advantages of catering a breakfast at your office.

Improve the Morning Routine

Mornings around the office can be a difficult time for even the most dedicated employees. In order to help improve the morning routine around your office, you may want to consider scheduling catered breakfasts at routine intervals. By providing breakfast for your workers, you can provide an extra boost to everyone and ensure that your morning gets off to a fresh and positive start.

menu-breakfastEncourage Bonding Time

Another great reason to consider catering a breakfast at your office is that sharing a meal may help to encourage bonding time between you and your employees. For example, you may be able to help employees converse with one another and get to know each other in a different type of setting. You may also help more reserved employees get out of their shell.

Provide Extra Motivation

Finally, providing your employees with a catered breakfast in the morning can provide them with extra motivation to get their work done during the day. By showing your workers that you care, you can help to ensure that they are ready to tackle everything that they need to accomplish.

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The Home Chef’s Most Essential Tool

May 27, 2016


Many of the most common mistakes that home chefs make in their kitchens occur before the food ever hits the heat. Prep work is one of the most overlooked aspects of cooking, and it requires some specialized tools that can make the process of preparing a meal much easier. Knives are particularly important for the home chef, but many home cooks will rely on knives that are too dull, too heavy, or just simply not right for the task at hand. If you are struggling to prepare meals in a timely fashion or you often end up with unevenly roasted vegetables or undercooked onions in your soups and sauces, you might notice a whole world of difference by either purchasing a new knife or sharpening your existing blades for a peak performance.

Why Your Knives Matter

While it may seem counterintuitive, it is actually much safer to work with a very sharp knife than one with a dull blade. Knives that are appropriately sharp and honed will easily slice through any meat, vegetable, or herb, allowing you to maintain more control at the cutting board. Once you invest in the right knives for the way you cook, be sure to keep them in great shape by honing the blades every time you use each knife. You should also invest in professional sharpening whenever you notice the blades getting dull. Knives can be a costly investment at first, but they can also last a lifetime when they are treated with proper care.

how-a-healthy-diet-can-help-you-achieve-your-weight-loss-goalsHow Prep Work Influences Your Cooking

With the right knives in hand, you might spend much less time on prep work, because you will be able to improve your chopping, slicing, and dicing skills with ease. As you become more proficient in these tasks, remember that completing all your prep work before you turn on the stove or oven will help you create more consistent, delicious meals with fewer mistakes throughout the whole cooking process.

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Planning a Delicious Catered Meal

May 13, 2016

Catering at the business event.

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or dinner party, hiring a caterer can be one of the most important tasks in organizing the event. Guests will remember the meal at a special event for years to come, so it is worth the time and effort to come up with just the right menu to please a crowd. When you are planning a catered event, follow the tips below to ensure that everything is delicious and beautifully presented for your guests.

Ask Your Caterer About His or Her Specialties

Most caterers will provide an abundance of menu options, but every chef has a specialty. When you sit down with your caterer to design a menu, ask what types of foods he or she enjoys preparing and serving most for a given event. You might also look at reviews from previous clients to see which dishes had them most impressed.

Managers meeting on breakfast

Don’t Hesitate to Taste Test

With any type of food choices, taste testing is the best way to ensure that you are serving the right menu for your event. Your caterer should be happy to provide a tasting with a variety of options that will let you narrow down your choices and pick the most palate-pleasing items for your menu.

Plan for Plentiful Portions

Even if the food is the best that your guests have ever tasted, the event could go south if there is not enough food to go around. Therefore, you’ll want to work closely with your caterer to ensure that portions are large enough to keep everyone full and satisfied.

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Tips for Choosing a Chef’s Knife

April 29, 2016

Chef mincing bell peppers with knife

While many people own knife blocks filled with a variety of blades to use in the kitchen, most chefs will only use two knives on a regular basis: A chef’s knife and a paring knife. The chef’s knife is the most versatile knife in the kitchen, boasting the ability to slice, mince, and finely chop with ease. Therefore, purchasing a new chef’s knife should be no quick decision. When you are ready to make an investment in a chef’s knife, follow these helpful tips to get the most for your money and ensure that you are able to perform all your prep work with ease.

Consider Your Chopping Habits

Mid- adult chef slicing cucumber

There are two basic types of chef’s knife to consider, and the right option will be influenced by how you like to cook. The first is German steel, which will offer a thicker blade that is easy to sharpen yourself and holds an edge for an extended period of time. This type of knife is a versatile choice that will be a good option if you cook a variety of foods and use your chopping board often. Japanese steel is another popular choice that is a little more difficult to maintain but offers a sharper angle to achieve delicate cuts, such as filleting fish or finely slicing vegetables.

Test Out Multiple Knives

It is a good idea to visit a specialty kitchen supply store and actually feel a few different knives in your hand before you buy. Everyone will have unique preferences in terms of weighting and balance, and it’s also important to select a knife that feels comfortable in your hand so that you do not put strain on your wrist while gripping the handle.

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