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Get More Out of Your Food Delivery Service

May 30, 2017

Whether you’ve been working with Chef Chic or would like to become a new client, we want you to know that we’re here to serve you. Our customers always come first—and we endeavor to make your life easier (and more delicious) through our Tucson-based food delivery services! We check in with you, offer the opportunity for feedback and are available to answer your questions.

But did you know there are additional things you can do and ask to ensure we consistently exceed your expectations? And so we can further assist you with any and all of your culinary needs?

How to Get More Out of Your Food Delivery Service

  1. Fill out the food questionnaire—and be specific!

There’s no shame in telling us all about your allergies, sensitivities and dietary preferences. In fact, we encourage it. We’re happy to customize meals just for you. No cilantro. Extra garlic. Dairy-free. Let us know. If your diet changes after you’ve filled out the food questionnaire, no worries. Email us and we can accommodate new needs moving forward.

  1. Ask us about add-ons.

When you signed up for one of our food delivery plans, maybe you just needed a few meals each week. But now, you’re working late and could use some extra help. Call us and learn how we can further assist you. Perhaps we can offer you a larger package, include breakfast or double up on the sides.

  1. Keep us posted on travels.

Are you traveling this summer? There’s no need to miss a regular order. We can prepare on-the-go meals that are packaged for your adventures. No matter if you’re flying out of town, taking a road trip or camping under the stars, Chef Chic dishes can go with you. Or, we can make sure you have food in the freezer for your return. Be sure to contact us a few weeks in advance so we can accommodate your request.

  1. Inquire about catering.

Hosting a Father’s Day BBQ or 4th of July party? How about a wine pairing? We offer hassle-free catering services so you can relax and enjoy your own event. Being that we already understand your culinary style, it’s easy for us to prepare the perfect meals and hors d’oeuvres for your summer events. Find out more here.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about our Food Delivery or Boutique Catering services or if you have a special request. Call (520) 406-2757 or click here to contact us.

How Much Wine Do I Need for a Party?

May 22, 2017










A bottle of red. A bottle of white. If only it were that simple!

When planning a dinner or an event, the question I get asked most is: How much wine do I need? Finding the answer is like solving an algebraic equation. So let’s all take a trip back to high school for a moment…

A bottle of wine contains 750 ml, which equals about 3 cups.
An average pour is approximately 4 ounces (or ½ cup). This means you’ll yield about 6 servings per bottle. But…
Being that people rarely pour an exact measure, and most over-pour, it’s more likely you’ll get about 5 servings per bottle.
According to Total Wine, most guests will consume 2 glasses of wine in the first hour of the event and 1 glass each additional hour. Using this formula, Total Wine offers a handy calculator that computes how much wine you’ll need based on the number of guests and duration of the party.

However, to accurately solve for X, there are a few additional factors to consider when determining how much wine is appropriate for your event:

Time of day: Is your get together scheduled for morning, afternoon or evening?
Type of event: Are you hosting a corporate party, birthday party or wine tasting?
Guest preferences: You know your friends and family best. Will they all adhere to the “2 drinks in the first hour” rule? Will you need a bit more or less?

Let’s Look at Some Examples

If you’re hosting a 2-hour breakfast, the Total Wine calculator will suggest you need 4 bottles of wine or champagne. But guests usually don’t drink as much in the morning as they do in the evening. Therefore, 3 bottles of champagne might be all you need. (The calculator will, by the way, adjust amounts if you’re planning on serving something other than wine, such as vodka for Bloody Marys.)

Similarly, if you’re hosting a corporate event where guests are expected to talk business, they will likely stick to 1-2 drinks total—even if the meeting or dinner runs a bit longer.

All things considered, I recommend you check in with the wine calculator and make slight adjustments as needed.

Still Confused? Let Chef Chic Do It for You! Our Arizona-based catering services specialize in selecting the best wine in the right quantities for all of your occasions. From wine pairings and dinner parties to graduations and birthdays, we’ve got all of your food and wine needs covered. Call us to book your next event: (520) 867-9597.

Host a Stress-Free Graduation Party: What You Need to Know

May 16, 2017

We’re already midway through the month of May, and if your graduate hasn’t walked yet, they probably will in the next few days or weeks. Have you started planning their graduation party yet?

If not, don’t panic. There’s still time (but not much!) to organize a get together for a spectacular, stress-free graduation party.

At this stage of the game, you’ll likely want to hire one of the local catering companies to relieve any overwhelm associated with the party planning process. A catered party will let you relax and enjoy time with your graduate and guests—as opposed to cooking and cleaning while everyone else has fun.

My team and I have hosted hundreds of parties, so here’s our list of what you need to know as you plan your event…

Choose Your Caterer Wisely: Before hiring a caterer, make sure they’ll cover all the bases for you. Some local catering companies don’t include things like silverware or extra tables in their service. Fortunately, Chef Chic’s service covers everything you’ll need for the party. We even bring bartenders and servers, so you won’t have to spend time cleaning up half-empty plastic cups.

Focus on the Graduate: What’s your graduate’s favorite food? Whether it’s watermelon or mac ‘n cheese, think of ways to incorporate the food into the menu in creative ways (mac ‘n cheese bar, anyone?). If appropriate, invite your grad to help plan the menu. They may suggest foods you didn’t even know they liked. A customized menu is always a great way to make the party unique and fun for everyone in attendance.

Consider Dietary Needs: If the graduate has dietary restrictions, you’ll definitely want to plan around their sensitivities. But if a considerable amount of their family or friends have the same special dietary need, it might be wise to offer an option for them, too. It’s not a requirement, but it’s always appreciated.

Select the Right Wines: Love wine as much as food? We sure do! A catered affair deserves well-paired wines, and your guests will appreciate the attention to detail. Serve an eclectic selection of summer-ready varietals for the adults to enjoy. Chef Chic can help you choose the perfect pairings for your menu, so you don’t have to guess what will taste best.

Don’t Wait for the Ceremony—Book Your Grad Party Now

Availability is limited and filling up fast, so book Chef Chic for your graduation party soon. We’re among the highest rated local catering companies in Tucson, and our services will allow for time to spend with your graduate rather than stressing over the food and beverage details. Schedule your party now by calling (520) 406-2757.

What Should Your Memorial Day Menu Include?

May 26, 2017

Memorial Day marks the start of the summer season for many families. If you are making plans for your upcoming three-day weekend, you may want to include a backyard get-together with your family and friends. When you plan your Memorial Day menu, it is a great idea to include some of your favorite summertime dishes. Here is an overview of some selections that should be included on your Memorial Day menu.

Hearty Barbecue

If your backyard grill has been sitting unused throughout the winter and spring months, Memorial Day is a great time to light it up for the first time during the year. The stars of your Memorial Day menu can be hearty barbecue dishes, such as ribs, hamburgers, or sausages. When you are hosting various people at your house, you may want to ask them to bring their favorite meat to throw on the grill.

Grilled Veggies

The grill is no longer the sole domain of meat-filled dishes. Home cooks and professional chefs alike are choosing to prepare fresh and seasonal vegetables on the grill. A catering company can source and prepare delicious grilled vegetables that are at the peak of the season. Some veggies that you may want to consider grilling include asparagus, peppers, and even romaine lettuce.

Scrumptious Sides

Sides will complete your Memorial Day menu, and the sides that you choose to serve can be classic or contemporary. Dishes such as potato salad and macaroni salad are sure to be a hit with your guests. An unusual side, such as a watermelon and feta salad, will provide diners with a fresh addition to their plates.

To get started on planning your Memorial Day menu, call Chef Chic at (520) 406-2757. Our company offers catering services in Tucson, and our personal chef will be happy to help you create a memorable meal plan for your Memorial Day festivities. We look forward to helping you create a fresh and healthy menu that your guests will love.

Which Wedding Reception Style Is Right for You?

May 12, 2017

The summer season offers the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony. After you and your loved one have said your vows, you and your guests will be ready to kick back and have fun at your wedding reception. As you are planning ahead for your reception, you should talk to your wedding caterer about the meal planning style that will fit best with your overall wedding theme. Let’s take a look at three wedding reception styles that could be right for you and your spouse-to-be.

Light Bites

In the summer, hot temperatures could lessen your guests’ appetites. When you are planning a casual reception during the warm summer season, it is a great idea to serve a series of light bites, or hors d’oeuvres. Instead of serving a multi-course meal, you can have your servers pass around trays of canapés, small sandwiches, and other delectable treats.

Formal Dining

While some wedding parties gravitate naturally towards more casual affairs, others prefer a more formal setting. If you will be having a very formal wedding ceremony, you will want to make sure that your reception is equally as elegant. Your caterer can plan and serve a multiple course menu that includes appetizers, salads, and a hearty main dish.

Self Serve

To take the stress out of serving a meal at your wedding reception, you can talk to your catering company about the possibility of putting out a self-serve buffet for your guests to enjoy. Some great additions to a wedding reception buffet include a healthy salad bar, prime rib station, and dessert table.

No matter what style of wedding reception you have chosen for your big day, the team at Chef Chic will be there to help you make your dream wedding into a fantastic reality. Our catering team will prepare a custom wedding reception menu that includes your favorite ingredients, and we specialize in dishes that are fresh, locally sourced, and healthy. Call our Tucson location at (520) 406-2757 to schedule a wedding catering consultation with our team.

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