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Pack Your Car with These Chef-Approved Road Trip Snacks

July 3, 2017

Are you getting ready for a summer vacation? Once you’ve packed your bags and created the perfect playlist, be sure to set yourself up with our chef-approved road trip snacks.

Nothing can ruin a good time quite like a growling stomach. But it’s easy to avoid sugar dips, mood swings and fast-food stops with Chef Chic’s favorite munchies. These satisfying and stylish snack ideas go far beyond those gas station granola bars.

Unlike the standard packaged food finds, these homemade indulgences are full of flavor to please all the foodies in your family. Plus, they’re nutrient-rich (and free from processed ingredients) to keep you energized from beginning to end.

Next-Level Snack Ideas

  1. Toasted Coconut & Cacao Trail Mix: Combine toasted almonds, pecans and coconut flakes with raw cacao nibs for an upgraded take on road trip classic.
  2. Vanilla Almond Popcorn: Popcorn with butter is great, but how about popcorn with a luscious almond-vanilla sauce
  3. Dried Apple-Cinnamon Slices: Simply slice apples, drizzle with lemon juice and add cinnamon. Dehydrate or dry in a very low-temperature oven for 6-8 hours.
  4. Smoky Beef Jerky: Forget the preservatives and make your own protein-packed jerky using grass-fed London broil or flank steak.
  5. Swiss Chard Wraps: Add greens to your road trip snacks with chard leaf roll-ups. Kick it up with a creamy dipping sauce. Just be sure to enjoy soon after wrapping or keep the ingredients separate and assemble at your first pit stop.

Other Road Trip Snack Essentials:

  • Sealed containers for each snack
  • Napkins or a roll of paper towels
  • Reusable plates and utensils
  • Mini dish soap for quick dish and container washing
  • Trash bags for garbage
  • Bottles of water
  • Portable wine glasses to celebrate at your destination

Let Chef Chic Pack Your Snacks: Chef Chic can prepare elegant and fun fare for all of your travels. Whether you’re taking a road trip or an international flight, we can satisfy your palate no matter where the summer takes you.

  • Call us to get started with road trip snacks and travel-ready meals: 520-406-2757
  • If you’re an existing client, let us replace your regular order with an on-the-go order. Just let us know a few weeks in advance.

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