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Breakfast items
Egg flatbread sandwich, egg, cheese, red pepper cream cheese, spinach, jalapeno mousse, choice of meat(bacon, ham, sausage and chorizo) * $6.95
Burrito with potatoes, eggs, choice of meat (bacon,ham, sausage, chorizo) and cheddar cheese $5.95
Quiche of the day $4.95
Classic Breakfast with eggs, choice of meat(bacon, ham, sausage and chorizo), potatoes and English muffin * $6.85

Burger- 4 oz patty lettuce, tomato, onion choice of cheese, make it a double * $7.95

Burger of the week- See Special Board $7.95

Rueben on pretzel with sauerkraut swiss and Thousand Island dressing $8.45

Roast Beef pho Sandwich- roast beef herb hoisin vinaigrette, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno mousse $8.55

Southwestern chicken melt with peppers, chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato $8.85

Vegan quesadilla- black beans, peppers, green chiles and cashew cheese $9.65

Quesarita- a chicken or ground beef burrito with potato, green chile, sour cream and olives wrapped in a quesadilla $10.95

Salads- Add chicken $3.95 or ground beef $4.95
Lemon tahini cauliflower salad over greens with crunchy chick peas $6.65

Cobb- iceberg with olives, egg, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, tomato, cucumber, bacon, avocado $6.65

Soup of the day sm $2.95/ lg $3.85
French fries sm $2.95/lg $3.95  Onion Rings sm $2.85/lg $4.55  Side salad $3.45   Chips $1.50


Grab and Go Packages 


Meal packages for the week of 6/29/2020

Order today for pick up Monday 6/29 after 4pm!

Fully cooked meals (serving four)



Office #520-771-9265
Mobile #520-406-2757

1104 S. Wilmot Road
Tucson, AZ 85711

Gourmet Grab and Go for Breakfast and Lunch

Open Mon- Fri 8:00a.m.-6:00p.m.

Saturday and Sunday Closed

You can pick up Gourmet “Grab and Go” meals too!

Call (520) 406-2757 or stop by the cafe to see what fresh options are available today!

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