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Don’t Order Pizza Again!

February 23, 2014

We Americans are madly in love with pizza. When it comes to lunch or dinner we look for pizza. So much so that the average American is eating 46 slices of pizza each and every year. Think about it. Americans will eat about 3000 slices of pizza in a lifetime! That’s a lot of pizza each and every week. A lot of the same food each and every single week.

For the busy professional who can’t think of anything else to do for dinner, picking up the phone and ordering a pizza is the obvious thing to do. It’s the thing you do when you can’t imagine what to cook for yourself or yourself. Life is boring when you eat the same thing over and over again. Life should not be boring. Eating should fun and exciting. Who wants to go through life eating the same thing over and over again?

Chef Wendy has the answers for dinner boredom. She’s a trained professional who can provide culinary variety in your life. Chef Wendy is the perfect choice when you can’t think of what to have for dinner. Chef Wendy can create the ideal dinner for you. She will never bore you with the same old choices each week. She’s a skilled professional who likes to incorporate a wide variety of items into her meals.

The chef has over 600 recipes available for the working mother, busy single professional or just someone who loves to eat but wants a change from ordering pizza yet again. You’ll never be bored with Chef Wendy’s dinner choices. She has such a large variety of recipes at her fingertips that she won’t repeat a recipe for four months. Each week you’ll be pleased with her delicious, inventive recipes and skilled cooking. You’ll never be bored with Chef Wendy’s hearty, satisfying and wonderful meal choices. She can even make you a wonderfully mouth watering pizza if that’s what you really want. Skip the same old pizza choices. Rebel against dull dinner. Pick up the phone and order a really great meal from the Tucson personal chefs at Chef Chic today.

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