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Gluten Free Is All the Rage!

January 5, 2014

As we exist in the age of information, it can be observed that an increasing number of the celebrities in America are adopting gluten free lifestyles. Over the past several decades, the United States has seen rampant increases in food allergy conditions including Anaphylaxis (the allergy of tree nuts and peanuts) and Celiac disease (the autoimmune disease resulting in a toxic reaction to gluten). Not all people are dropping dead of these extreme reactions, of course. Most people affected are merely intolerant of gluten, causing dilapidating health problems such as bleeding internally and loss of bone density. Gluten had not been a part of the human diet through evolution until sometime around ten thousand years ago. As a result, the human stomach can not fully break down gluten, even today. This is true in all people, not just those with known gluten intolerances.

Famous ESPN sports broadcaster Keith Olbermann went gluten free years ago as he lives with celiac disease. He supports his gluten free diet publicly, not as the next big thing, but as a serious choice with many positive health-related benefits. Keith is not alone in his dietary decision, either. Lady Gaga announced in 2012 that she would adopting a gluten free diet as a method to lose weight. Restaurants are notified prior to her arrival regarding her new diet because though very difficult, she is taking it very seriously. Another gluten free advocate is Drew Brees, NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. He credits this decision as greatly boosting his energy and general sense of physical well-being. Many athletes are realizing that gluten intolerance is a real issue which is only taking away from their total physical potential. Businesses are beginning to pick up on these food specialty needs. Many grocery stores now have labels on its stock specifying if contents are gluten free, vegan or set apart for another dietary need.

One Tucson catering company credits its success to seeing to the needs of those who have food allergies and intolerances. Chef Chic has been awarded for multiple accomplishments in customer service excellence and is revolutionizing the catering industry. Awareness of these increasing dietary needs is very important for the health of this country and its inhabitants.

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