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Let Guests Build Their Own Plates—Without Calling It a Buffet

June 26, 2017

Does the term “buffet food” trigger thoughts of stale pancakes, unripe fruit and an upset stomach after Plate #4?

It doesn’t have to!

You may have bad memories of subpar casino buffet food or buffet restaurants, but the experience is quite different when done right. At Chef Chic, we set up gourmet options for your guests to choose what they want to eat. We even call it something else—we prefer “guests build their own plates” rather than “buffet”.

The Advantage of Guests Building Their Own Plates

When you serve a set menu at your event, you limit your guests’ ability to choose what to eat. Guests with food allergies or sensitivities may find it challenging to consume anything at all, and the vegetarian or gluten-free options provided by some catering companies aren’t particularly satisfying.

Providing a table full of options solves this problem. Guests can feel free to pick and choose from a variety of entrees, sides and desserts, all prepared and kept fresh by our chefs. No stale pancakes here!

Serving gourmet buffet food is also a great way to accommodate all appetites without stressing about ordering enough food. Just tell us the size of your group, and we’ll bring enough food to make sure everyone leaves with a full stomach. Guests can take as much or as little as they please. This actually creates less food waste.

How to Make It a Success

If you’d like to serve buffet food but want to avoid the typical buffet experience, consider the following tips and tricks to keep it classy and fresh:

  1. Make It Themed: Forget the classic buffet options! Try a build-your-own mashed potato bar, Mediterranean fare or 100% locally sourced ingredients with a farm-to-table theme.
  2. Remember the Drinks: Set out each entree next to a bottle of perfectly paired wine and a card describing how the food and wine complement one another. Sometimes having a separate table full of wine choices can be overwhelming. At Chef Chic, we love pairing food and wine so your guests don’t have to guess which varietal would taste best with their meal.
  3. Create Ambiance: Your unique decorations and personal touches will help make the event even more memorable for everyone. Consider tea or fairy lights, fresh flowers and a boxed tablecloth to enhance the food presentation.

Plan a Build-Your-Own-Plate Event

Take the stress and uncertainty out of buffet food and event planning with our catering services here in Tucson. We provide five-star dishes served any way you want them, and specialize in having guests build their own plates. Contact us or view our sample catering menus here.

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