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A group of us went for breakfast and we all left happy and satisfied. The seating area is pretty basic but it's clean and comfortable.
Excellent food and presentation was great! My experience with Chef Chic was excellent.
We got the one with steak, which was perfectly cooked.
Each bite was absolutely heavenly. It was a challenge to eat it slow enough so I could savor each delicious morsel.
We went there today for a lunch meeting and the food was exquisite! I had the Quesarita which had wonderful flavor to it. Chef Wendy rocks!!
The food was amazing and Chef Wendy and her help were great to work with. I would highly recommend them.
Each time the food has been delicious - everything from appetizers to dessert. Thank you Wendy and Janet. You are awesome!
Great food from the Iron Chef Tucson!
Everything was so tasty. Compliments were flowing all eveni g. The food, the staff....just the best!!!! Can't wait to visit your new cafe.
I can't say enough to convey,  not only the quality of the food but how delicious it was. T would use Chef Chic again in a heartbeat.
We stumbled on Chef Chic while looking for wedding reception caterers. The sous chef Lizzie and her two servers were wonderful and helpful.
I found the staff of the Chef Chic team to be professional and friendly.
They made planning easy and the food was delicious. They were prompt and professional and I received many compliments throughout the evening.
Excellent experience. Great food, great service, and great planning.

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