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What Could You Do With an Extra Hour?

December 18, 2013

Imagine having an entire extra hour every day. If you are busy professional, this may seem like a wonderful dream. Sometimes people realize they are so busy that they wish they could literally make the day even longer. You may not be able to make your day actually longer. What can you do? You can save an entire an hour every single day if you don’t have to spend that time cooking for yourself and your family. Just think about all that time and what it could mean for your life.
Here’s a list of what you can do with a whole hour each day.
1. Play catch with your kids. Even if they break throw the ball a little too hard, you would still have the time to fix it.
2. Actually read and even reply to all your daily email. Better yet, have the time to delete each day’s spam. Personalized replies to your friends and relatives are an ideal way to keep in touch with everyone important to you.
3. Learn to juggle. Impress your friends with your new found skill at parties and other family gatherings. While it might take more than a single hour, five hours in a week should give you ample time to practice.
4. Plan a wonderfully romantic evening with your husband. Have the time to find that right restaurant, perfect dress, flattering accessories and even the babysitter who will show up early and stay late.
5. You could do nothing at all! Wouldn’t that be nice for a change? Imagine an entire hour each day where you have no responsibilities or demands on your time. Imagine sitting down quietly with your own thoughts and nothing else to worry about.
6. Take a long hot bath. Pour bubble bath in your tub, add candles to the sides, start the hot water, grab a romantic novel and relax.
All this can be yours if you let Chef Wendy, your personal chef in Tucson, do the cooking for you. Open up your schedule give yourself a chance to do important things. Give her a call at 520-406-2757.

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